Boy Scout Troop 5, Harlem, New York

"Give your son the valuable gift of Scouting. The time you invest in him today will make a difference in the person he becomes tomorrow."

What's New @ Troop 5?

  • August 19 Troop 5 goes to NY Yankees game!!!  Troop 5's summer AND fall schedule of events is available by clicking the "CALENDAR" tab above.

  • Amir, Giovanni, Jordan, ASM Prophete and SM Phillips rooted the NY Mets on to victory August 8.

  • Amir, Colin, Fitz, Giovanni, Jordan, and Sean attended Summer Camp Keowa at Ten Mile River and earned 26 merit badges!!!

  • Congratulations Sean on your induction August 4 as Troop 5's new Troop Guide.  Thank you for a great year of service as Patrol Leader!!!

  • Congratulations Sean on completing the OA Ordeal at Keowa June 22-24 and NYLT at Alpine July 8-14.

  • Thank you James for volunteering on NYLT staff for the second year in a row!!!

  • Thank you Nayib for serving on summer staff at Keowa for the second year in a row!!!

  • Fitz and Jordan enjoyed the NASDAQ Merit Badge Clinic on July 10.

  • Sean, Fitz, Colin, and Jordan - great job serving at Corpus Christi Church Tag Sale June 8-10.

  • Congratulations Jordan on completing the Harlem Troop 5 "Year-a-Round Camper Award" for tent/leanto camping 12 consecutive months - joining Jamil, Nayib, and Sean as the only recipients - in the world!!!

  • Great stew, "no bake" cookies, "Young Ranger" awards, long drive, and fun highlighted our campout, service, and tour of Theodore Roosevelt's Sagamore Hill home June 1-2.

  • Congratulations Troop 5 Eagle Scout Jamil Ahmed who received the Vigil Honor from the Order of the Arrow AND the Whitney M. Young Service Award from the Big Apple District.

  • Congratulations Colin and Noah for completing Tenderfoot on May 21.

  • Congratulations Sean for completing First Class and being nominated with ASM Prophete to the Order of the Arrow on May 14.

  • Troop 5 wins SECOND PLACE at Big Apple District Camporee, May 4-6!  ASM Prophete's German Black Forest Chocolate Cake baked in a dutch oven was a hit!
  • Congratulations ASM Arias and ASM Altareb for sealing your OA Brotherhood at Alpine April 13-15.

  • Congratulations Tyler on completing and receiving the Scout badge April 9th.

  • Fun backpacking campout, April 6-7, with amazing amount of dry wood for our campfire from all the winter storms!

  • Mr. Prophete wins Harlem Troop 5's March Madness and Mr. Sell was a close second!!!

  • Good job Troop 5 as the Honor Guard at the Big Apple District Roundtable on March 19.

  • Fun camping in the snow at Alpine, March 9-10.  Great pineapple upside down cake baked in the dutch oven by Noah and Tyler!!!

  • Congratulations Fitz and Jordan on completing and receiving the new GNYC Polar Bear Award on March 5th after making a troop presentation on winter camping!!!

  • Congratulations Colin and Fitz for completing merit badges at Troop 5's Merit badge Monday on February 26..

  • Sean is the 2017 Harlem Troop 5 "Scout of the Year" AND earned the Troop 5 "Year-a-Round Camper Award" for tent/leanto camping 12 consecutive months!!!

  • Congratulations Troop 5 - 2017 "Journey to Excellence Gold Award".

  • Enjoyed archery on campout at Pouch, February 9-10.

  • Congratulations for completing your next rank on February 5: Fitz- Tenderfoot and Ayman - Scout.

  • Congratulations for completing and receiving your next rank on January 22: Jordan - Second Class, Giovanni - Tenderfoot, Johannes and Noah - Scout.

  • Unusual campout January 12-13. Arrived at 50 degrees, slept thru torrential rains, and woke up to snow!!!  Great job Troop 5 - loading firewood for Camp Durland.

  • Wow - 13 merit badges earned by Troop 5 at Winter Camp, December 28-30 - congrats Amir, Colin, Fitz, Jordan and Sean!  Thank you ASM Altareb for volunteering on staff.

  • Congratulations James and Nayib - Troop 5's newest Eagle Scouts!!!  Check out the pictures on our Facebook page BSA - Troop 5 - Harlem, NY or

  • NOTE: old "news" items are archived under the "ABOUT US" tab on this website!!!

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