Boy Scout Troop 5, Harlem, New York

"Give your son the valuable gift of Scouting. The time you invest in him today will make a difference in the person he becomes tomorrow."

What's New @ Troop 5?

  • Happy New Year!!!  Next meeting is this Monday, Jan. 22nd. Board of Review for all who have completed their next rank!!!

  • Online registration is now open for the January 20th indoor training for adults at

  • Unusual campout January 12-13. Arrived at 50 degrees, slept thru torrential rains, and woke up to snow!!!  Great job Troop 5 - loading firewood for Camp Durland.

  • Wow - 13 merit badges earned by Troop 5 at Winter Camp, December 28-30 - congrats Amir, Colin, Fitz, Jordan and Sean!  Thank you ASM Altareb for volunteering on staff.

  • Congratulations James and Nayib - Troop 5's newest Eagle Scouts!!!  Check out the pictures on our Facebook page BSA - Troop 5 - Harlem, NY or

  • Snowy campout at Alpine, Dec. 8-9, great chicken alfredo dinner and pancake/eggs breakfast!!!

  • Great job Troop 5 as Honor Guard at Sylvia's for the Harlem "Good Scout" event on Nov. 30. Check out the pictures at

  • Congratulations Ayden and Colin on completing and receiving the Scout Badge.

  • Cold campout, Nov. 10-11, at Alpine - 22 degrees - almost a Troop 5 Polar Bear campout (20 degrees)!  Excellent pancakes, eggs and bacon breakfast.

  • This fall Troop 5 welcomes new ASM's Altareb, Hool, Holmes and Nichols who join ASM's Ahmed, Arias, Bisceglia, McQueen-el, and Prophete as a formidable team!!!

  • Congratulations Amir, Fitz, and Jude on completing and receiving the Scout Badge.

  • New patrol names are the Phoenix Suns and Electric Gorillas!!!

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  Troop 5
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