Earning Merit Badges

General steps for earning merit badges:

  1. Read the requirements and become familiar with what will be required.
  2. Get a signed Blue Card from the Scoutmaster for the badge you plan to earn.
  3. Complete any preliminary requirements that are required before your first meeting with the merit badge counselor. Depending on the requirements, this can be a small amount of work, some research on one or two topics, or to become familiar with a skill or concept which you will then discuss with the merit badge counselor. Not all badges have preliminary work, but most do.
  4. Schedule and attend a meeting with the Counselor to discuss concepts, demonstrate skills, and plan for future requirements. Work with the counselor on a plan for how you will meet the remaining requirements in a way that the counselor considers acceptable. Take notes so that you will remember.
  5. This is when the bulk of the merit badge work takes place. Do your research, learns concepts, practice skills, and complete tasks to build your knowledge in the merit badge topic and complete the requirements.
  6. Schedule and attend a second (and often final) meeting with the Counselor. Report on your learning and the tasks completed, bringing records or other evidence as the requirements (and your first meeting with the counselor) dictate. Explain concepts and/or demonstrates skills learned.
  7. If you sufficiently completed the requirements, the Counselor then fills-out and signs the Blue Card indicating that your work on the badge is complete. The counselor keeps the “Counselor” portion of the card for their records and returns the remaining two portions to you.
  8. Return the remaining two portions of the Blue Card to the Scoutmaster as soon as possible for recording on your advancement and recognition.


Merit Badge Counselors by Merit Badge as of August 20, 2017

American Business: D. Bisceglia, T. Cerigo, D. Cook, A. Corrao, K. Culver, A. Gleason, G. Gliber,  R. He, A. Hopson, K. Kellow, G. Morris, L. O'Faire, D. Poppe,

American Cultures: R. Chan, D. Cook, K. Culver, A. Gleason, J.Hernandez, Jr, B.Kramer, J.Land, R. Wallace

American Heritage: R. Chan,  B. Cook, D. Cook, K. Culver, A. Gleason, B. Kramer,     G. Morris

American Labor: D. Cook, K. Culver, G. Gliber, B. Passaro, O. Sowah

Animal Science: K. McCaffrey, J. Suchanek

Archaeology: P. Bain, K. Culver, J. Land, A. Robinson  

Archery: A. Chee,  J. Hernandez, Jr, G. Lau, C. Stoms Vik  

Architecture: T. Andersen, D. Cook, P. Freitas, J. Hernandez, Jr, M. Martelli,             A. Robinson, O. Sowah, M. Speronza, C. Stoms Vik

Art: T. Andersen, M. Barrett, K. Culver, A. Dozier,  M. Feigenbaum,  P. Hall,

     C. Hansen-Nelson, A. Lawson, L. Pierre, C. Pond, O. Sowah, C. Stoms Vik,

A. Stuard, E. Wolfgram,   A. Woods Jr.

Astronomy: D. Cook, S. Kielty, M. O’Brien, J. Stimmer

Athletics:  T.Andersen, R.Chan, D.Cook, J.Kan, B. Lei, K. Phillips, A. Polson,

A. Stuard, A. Tang   

Auto Maintenance: F. Maddalena, B. Morrison, C. Stoms Vik

Aviation: A. Cooper, J. Hernandez, Jr, R. Levine, F. Solano, T. Szekely   

Backpacking: A.Camacho, T.Cerigo, A.Cooper, K.Culver, B.Edwards, J.Hernandez, Jr, G. Kerr, A. Knight, K. Phillips, A. Polson, O. Sowah, C. Stoms Vik, T. Szekely,  

R. Wallace

Basketry: M. Feigenbaum,  R. He, F. Solano, O. Sowah

Bird Study: K. Kellow


Camping: D. Bisceglia, R. Capuano, T. Cerigo, D. Clark, B. Cook, D. Cook, A. Cooper, K. Culver, A. Dozier,  B. Edwards, G. Gliber, J. Hernandez, Jr,  R. Hernandez, Jr,  S. Kielty,

G. Kerr, W. Knight, M. Lehmann, F. Maddalena, V. Meehan, G. Morris, M. O’Brien, L. O'Faire, Eric Oi, K. Phillips, B. Richards, O. Sowah, J. Stimmer, C.Stoms Vik,       A. Stuard, T. Szekely, R. Wallace, A. Woods

Canoeing: D. Cook, M. O’Brien, K. Culver, J. Passaro

Chemistry: H. Callahan

Chess: B. Lei, B. Looi,


Citizenship in the Community: E. Alvarado, L. Anderson Berry,  J. Bramnick,

R. Capuano, T. Cerigo, R. Chan, B. Cook, D. Cook, K. Culver, A. Dozier,

B. Edwards, A. Gleason, G. Gliber, C.Hansen-Nelson, J.Hernandez, Jr,  A.Hopson, J.Kan, S. Kielty, A.Kilb, B. Kramer,   J. Land,  G. Lau, C. LeSueur, B. Looi,

G. Lopez, B.MacDonald, K.McKinney, M. McOwen, S.Mitchell, G.Morris, M. O’Brien,  B. Passaro, K. Phillips, C. Pond, D. Poppe, F. Reyes, B. Richards, S. Rosenbaum,

S. Rowley, A. Smith, O. Sowah,  J. Stimmer, C. Stoms Vik, R. Wallace, B. Wilkens, R. Winfield,  A. Woods Jr, S. Yamada

Citizenship in the Nation: E. Alvarado, R. Capuano,  T. Cerigo,  R. Chan,  J. Cohen,   B. Cook, D. Cook, K. Culver, A. Gleason, G. Gliber, C. Hansen-Nelson, R. He,        J. Hernandez, Jr, A. Hopson, J. Kan, S. Kielty, W. Knight, B. Kramer, J. Land,

G. Lau, M. Lehmann, C. LeSueur, G. Lopez, G. B. MacDonald, K. McKinney,        M. McOwen, G. Morris, M. O’Brien,  B. Passaro, K. Phillips, M. Pickett, D. Poppe,

F. Reyes, B. Richards,S. Rowley,O. Sowah, J. Stimmer, C. Stoms Vik, R. Wallace, B. Wilkens, R.Winfield, M.Woolfolk, S.Yamada

Citizenship in the World: E.Alvarado, R.Capuano, T. Cerigo, R. Chan, B.Cook, D. Cook, K. Culver, G. Gliber, C. Hansen-Nelson, R. He, J. Hernandez, Jr,  A. Hopson,

J. Kan, S. Kielty, G. Kerr, A. Kilb, B. Kramer, G. Lau, C. LeSueur, B.Looi, B.MacDonald,   K. McKinney, M. McOwen, G. Morris,  M. O’Brien, B. Passaro,

K. Phillips, M. Pickett, D. Poppe, F. Reyes, B. Richards, S. Rowley, F. Solano,

O. Sowah, J. Stimmer, C. Stoms Vik, R. Wallace, R. Winfield

Climbing: B. Chiu, G. Lau, Eric Oi, C. Stoms Vik,

Coin Collecting: A. Figueroa, G. Gliber, K. Kellow, M. Lehmann, R. Levine,

M. Feigenbaum, K. Phillips,

Collections: P. Bain, M. Feigenbaum, R. He, K. Kellow, K. Phillips, B. Wilkens

Communications: E. Alvarado, T. Cerigo,  B. Cook,  D. Cook,  K. Culver, R. Delgado,  B. Edwards, G.Gliber,A. Kilb, C.Hansen-Nelson, R. He, J.Hernandez, Jr, A. Hopson, G. Ireland, J. Kan, S. Kielty, K. Kellow, W. Knight, G. Lau, B. MacDonald, A. Magee,

K. McCaffrey, K. McGrath, S. Mitchell, G. Morris,  K. Phillips, D.Poppe, B. Richards, S. Rowley, A. Smith, O. Sowah, M. Speronza, J. Stimmer, C. Stoms Vik, A. Stuard, A. Tang, R. Wallace, S. Winston   

Composite Materials:

Cooking: D. Bisceglia, H. Callahan,R. Chan, B. Cook, A. Cooper, A. Dozier,

A. Figueroa, G. Gliber, J. Hernandez, Jr, R. Hernandez, Jr, A. Knight, A. Magee,  

K. McCaffrey, J. McMorrow, V. Meehan, T. Perry, S. Phillips, S. Rowley, F. Solano, O. Sowah, C. Stoms Vik, S.Woodward, A.Woods Jr, M. Youngberg    

Crime Prevention: F. Reyes

Cycling: A. Camacho, T. Cerigo, J. Chow, D. Clark, J. Hernandez, Jr, M. Lehmann,

A. Lopez, B. Looi, K. Monk, Eric Oi, S. Phillips, Jorge Rodriguez, C. Stoms Vik, A. Tang

Dentistry: J. Young Jr.

Digital Technolgy: T. Bain, A. Camacho, A. Chee, R. He, J. Hernandez, Jr, J. Kan,    

W. Knight, A. Lopez, M. O’Brien, L. O'Faire, B. Richards, S. Rowley  A. Stuard,

E. Wolfgram, Josh Yamada

Disabilities Awareness: L. Berry, V. Maiorino, V. Meehan, C. Pond, A. Stuard

Dog Care: R. Chan, E. Frerks, B. Looi, A. Magee, K. McCaffrey   

Drafting: M. Feigenbaum, A. Robinson, O. Sowah, P. Witke

Electricity: G. Gliber,  J. Hernandez, Jr,  T. Szekely, R. Wallace

Electronics: : A. Chee, J. Chow, J. Hernandez, Jr, K. MacDonald,  T. Szekely,   

Emergency Preparedness: M. Barrett, R. Capuano, A. Magee, J. Hernandez, Jr,  

J. Kan, S. Kielty, A. Lopez, K. McKinney, G. Morris, G. Nieves, K. Phillips, A. Rivas, F. Solano, O.Sowah, C.Stoms Vik, A. Valentin, R. Wallace, S.Woodward, S. Yamada

Energy: G. Morris 

Engineering: K. MacDonald,  C. Stoms Vik, T. Szekely,    

Entrepreneurship: M. Barrett, A. Corrao, P. Freitas, G. Gliber, K. Phillips, L. Pierre,

C. Stoms Vik, R. Wallace

Environmental Science: P. Bain, H. Callahan, D. Clark, J. Hernandez, Jr,  A. Lopez,   K. McKinney, M. McOwen, C. Pond, A. Robinson, J. Rodriguez,  O. Sowah    

Family Life: L. Anderson Berry,  P. Bain,  R. Capuano,  R. Chan,  B. Cook, K. Culver,

A. Figueroa,  J. Kan,  A.Knight, M.Lehmann, B. MacDonald, A.Magee, V. Maiorino, K.McCaffrey, L.Mitchell, R. Morley,  L. O'Faire, Eric Oi, B. Passaro, T. Perry,

K. Phillips, C. Pond, B. Richards, A. Rivas, S. Rowley, O. Sowah, M. Speronza,

C. Stoms Vik, R. Wallace, E. Wolfgram

Farm Mechanics: J. Hernandez, Jr,   

Fingerprinting: R. Capuano, P. O’Neill

Fire Safety: R. Capuano, G. Morris, F. Solano

First Aid: A.Byrnes-Alvarado, D. Clark, R. Capuano, C. Diakolios, B. Edwards,

J. Hernandez, Jr,   S. Kielty, A. Lopez,  A. Magee, K. McKinney, M. Milne, Eric Oi, J.Passaro, C. Stoms Vik, K. Phillips, I. Prasadh, A.Smith, F. Solano,  O.Sowah,  E.Stuard, F. Tsao, A. Valentin, R.Wallace, C.Wing

Fish and Wildlife Management: M. McOwen

Fishing: G. Gliber, C. Stoms Vik,


Forestry: D. Bisceglia, C. Stoms Vik

Game Design: C. Stoms Vik

Gardening: B. Cook, C. Stoms Vik  

Genealogy: P. Bain, K. Culver, K. Kellow, J. Land, C,. Pond, A. Smith

Geocaching: L. Anderson Berry, A. Chee, C. Stoms Vik


Golf: A. Lopez

Graphic Arts: M. Feigenbaum, P. Freitas, A. Lopez, C. Stoms Vik, A. Stuard  



Hiking: A. Camacho, D. Clark, J. Cohen, A. Cooper, K. Culver, A. Dozier,

     B. Edwards, J. Hernandez, Jr, G. Kerr, A. Knight, J. Land, F. Maddalena,

V. Meehan, M. O’Brien, S. Phillips, O. Sowah, J. Stimmer, C. Stoms Vik,

R. Wallace, E. Wolfgram

Home Repairs: R. Capuano, B. Cook, D. Cook, K. Culver, P. Freitas, G. Gliber,

A. Lopez, K. Phillips, C. Stoms Vik, R. Wallace   

Horsemanship: P. Bain

Indian Lore: L. Berry, P. Bain,  B. Cook,  D. Cook, M. Feigenbaum,  C. Hansen-Nelson,  K. McGrath, G. Morris, 

Insect Study: H. Callahan


Journalism: A. Cooper, K. Culver, G. Morris,  B. Passaro, D. Poppe, A. Smith, 

C. Stoms Vik, R. Winfield


Landscape Architecture: H. Callahan, A. Robinson, O. Sowah,  C. Stoms Vik, P. Witke

Law: E. Alvarado, T. Andersen, B. Cook, D. Cook, K. Culver, G. Ireland, J. Kan,

M. Lehmann,  C. LeSueur, M. McOwen, S. Mitchell, F. Reyes, O. Sowah, R. White, R. Winfield

Leatherwork: M. Barrett, M. Feigenbaum, R. He, O. Sowah, C. Stoms Vik

Lifesaving: A.Byrnes-Alvarado, M. O’Brien, J.Passaro, K.Phillips, J.Rodriguez, A.Stuard 

Mammal Study: C. Pond, J. Rodriguez

Medicine: D. Clark, C. Diakolios, I. Prasadh, F. Solano, F. Tsao, Y. Yamada


Mining in Society

Model Design and Building: M. Feigenbaum, P. Freitas, A. Robinson, O. Sowah

Motorboating: J. Ryan

Movie Making: A. Camacho, A. Cooper, A. Stuard

Music:  P. Bain, R. Bishop, R. Capuano, J. Hernandez, Jr,  W. Knight, M. Lehmann,  K. McGrath, E. Orton, K. Rhee, C. Stoms Vik, A. Stuard, M. Taylor

Nature: H. Callahan, M. McOwen, J. Rodriguez, B. Wilkens

Nuclear Science: G. Hofer,

Oceanography: E. Frerks, M. McOwen

Orienteering: J. Hernandez, Jr, O. Sowah, C. Stoms Vik, R. Wallace

Painting: D. Cook,  M. Feigenbaum, C. Stoms Vik

Personal Fitness: T. Andersen, P. Bain,T. Cerigo,T, Chee,D. Cook,WB Ingersoll, J. Kan,      A. Lopez, A. Magee, V. Maiorino, R. McKnight, R. Morley, G. Morris, Eric Oi,

K. Phillips, C. Pond, D. Poppe, B. Richards, A. Smith, C. Stoms Vik, A. Stuard,

A. Tang, R. Wallace, B. Wilkens, M. Woolfolk



Personal Management: C. Bibuld, D. Bisceglia, J. Bramnick,  T. Cerigo,  R. Chan,      B. Cook, D. Cook, A.Corrao, K.Culver, A.Gleason, G.Gliber,  R.He, J.Hernandez, Jr,  J. Kan, K. Kellow, G. Kerr, B. Kramer, A. Lopez, B. Looi, B. MacDonald,  A. Magee,

K. McCaffrey,   K. McGrath,  L. Mitchell, R. Morley, L. Morison, G. Morris, Eric Oi, K. Phillips, C. Pond, D. Poppe, B. Richards, A. Rivas, B. Rosenberg, A. Santana     F. Solano, O. Sowah, C. Stoms Vik, A. Tang, R. Wallace

Pets: P. Bain, J. Chow, L. O'Faire, B. Lei, B. Looi, K. McCaffrey, B. Passaro, D. Poppe,              B. Wilkens, E. Wolfgram,

Photography: A. Byrnes-Alvarado, A. Camacho, T. Cerigo, A. Chee, J. Chow,

M. Feigenbaum,   A. Knight, B. Looi, L. O'Faire, Jorge Rodriguez, F. Solano,

C. Stoms Vik, A. Tang, E. Wolfgram,

Pioneering: R. Hernandez, Jr,  O. Sowah,  C. Stoms Vik, R. Wallace

Plant Science: H. Callahan

Plumbing:  F. Maddelena

Pottery: M. Feigenbaum

Programming: M. O’Brien, J. Chow

Public Health: A. Dozier, V. Meehan, I. Prasadh, F. Solano

Public Speaking: R. Chan,  B. Cook,  D. Cook, A. Cooper, K. Culver, E. Frerks,

G. Gliber, J. Hernandez, Jr, J. Kan, K. Kellow, K. McGrath,  V. Meehan,  A. Smith,  A. Stuard,  R. Wallace

Pulp and Paper:

Radio: S. Kielty, M. Martelli, F. Solano, C. Stoms Vik

Railroading: G. Morris, C. Pond

Reading: P. Bain,  R. Chan,  B. Cook,  K. Culver, R. Delgado,  A. Figueroa,  G. Gliber,  B. Kramer, J.Land, S.Mitchell, G.Morris, B.Passaro, K.Phillips, S. Phillips, L. Pierre,

C. Pond, O. Sowah, C. Stoms Vik, R. Wallace, B. Wilkens, E. Wolfgram, A. Woods Jr

Reptile and Amphibian Study: J. Rodriguez

Rifle Shooting: J. Hernandez, Jr, G. Lau, F. Solano, C. Stoms Vik


Rowing: M. O’Brien, J. Passaro

Safety: P. Bain, R. Capuano, K. Culver, G. Gliber, J. Hernandez, Jr, K. McGrath,       G. Morris,  K. Phillips,  C. Pond, F. Solano,  O. Sowah, C. Stoms Vik,

Salesmanship: T. Cerigo, B.Chiu, J.Cohen, A. Corrao, K. Culver, K. Phillips, L. Pierre,

J. Robinson, R. Wallace

Scholarship: M. Barrett, R. Chan, D. Cook, K. Culver, R. Delgado,  J. Hernandez, Jr,  A. Gleason, J. Kan,  K. Kellow, G. Morris, B. Passaro, K. Phillips, S. Phillips, C.Pond, B.Richards, M.Benitz-Ridley, O.Sowah, C.Stoms Vik, R.Wallace, B.Wilkens, M. Woolfolk, S. Yamada

Scouting Heritage: K. Culver, M. Feigenbaum

Scuba Diving: S. Baerga, C. Bibuld

Sculpture: M. Feigenbaum, J. Hernandez, Jr, C. Stoms Vik

Search and Rescue: C. Stoms Vik, T. Szekely,    

Signs, Signals and Codes: L. Berry

Shotgun Shooting: J. Hernandez, Jr,  G. Lau, F. Solano, C. Stoms Vik  

Skating: R. Bishop, J. Hernandez, Jr,  B. Passaro

Small-Boat Sailing: M. O’Brien, J. Passaro

Snow Sports: T. Cerigo,  J. Chow, D. Cook,  G. Kerr, D. Poppe, C. Van der Rhoer

Soil and Water Conservation: M. McOwen

Space Exploration: D. Cook, M. O’Brien,  M. Woolfolk

Sports: T. Andersen, R. Capuano, T. Cerigo, R. Chan,  J. Kan,  B. Lei, K. Phillips,      

D. Poppe, F. Solano, A. Stuard

Stamp Collecting: P. Bain, C. Bibuld,  M. Feigenbaum,  G. Gliber,  K. Kellow,             M. Lehmann, K. Phillips, P. Witke

Surveying: P. Witke


Swimming: D. Clark, B. Lei, B. Looi, M. O’Brien, J. Passaro, K. Phillips, J. Rodriguez,

A. Stuard,

Textile: C. Pond

Theater: A. Byrnes-Alvarado, R. Capuano, P. Hall, A. Kilb, C. Hansen-Nelson,            K. McGrath,  S. Mitchell, G. Morris,  E. Orton,

Traffic Safety: J. Hernandez, Jr

Truck Transportation: F. Maddalena

Veterinary Medicine: K. McCaffrey, J. Rodriguez


Weather: C. Stoms Vik

Welding: C. Stoms Vik


Wilderness Survival: D. Clark, K. Culver, R. Hernandez, Jr, O. Sowah,  C. Stoms Vik, A. Stuard  R. Wallace

Woodcarving: K. Culver, M. Feigenbaum, J. Passaro, O. Sowah, C. Stoms Vik

Woodworking: P. Freitas, G. Gliber, C. Stoms Vik


Merit Badge Counselors as of August 20, 2017


Name of Counselor             Telephone             Email address

Mr. Efrain Alvarado                                                                   elalva728@hotmail.com

Ms. Louisa Anderson Berry           212-249-1546                 panda720@earthlink.net

Mr. Tye Andersen                            208-272-0807                 tye_andersen@hotmail.com

Mr. Scott Baerga                              646-299-3302                 scottbaerga1966@yahoo.com

Ms. Patricia Bain                             212-686-6543                 patricia.bain@gmail.com

Mr. Thomas S. Bain                        212-686-6543                 bain@acm.org

Mr. Miguel Barrett                            347-306-2637                 wriaith@hotmail.com

Ms. Magdalena Benitz-Ridley       646-573-9114                 mbridley@aol.com

Mr. Carrington Bibuld                     718-622-8254                 cbibuld@aol.com

Mr. David Bisceglia                         917-750-6560                 david.bisceglia@verizon.net

Ms. Ronnie Lea Bishop                 212-544-8333                 rgrauman@aol.com

  Mr. Bryan Brown                                                                      bbrownetc@gmail.com

  Mr. Anthony Byrnes-Alvarado      718-655-4270                 eaglefp728@hotmail.com

Ms. Hilary Callahan                        347-323-9138                 hcallahan@barnard.edu

Mr. Antonio Camacho                    212-372-0268                 stn729@gmail.com 

Mr. Richard Capuano                     212-477-5925                 richcap22@aol.com

Mr. Theo Cerigo                               646-703-2144                 podboy88@aol.com

Mr. Ryan N. H. Chan                      917-224-7273                 ryannchan@hotmail.com

Mr. Anthony Chee                           718-259-6185                 tonychee@gmail.com

Mr. Jonathan Chow                        347-248-5156                 jonchow77@gmail.com

Mr. Daniel Clark                               801-230-1964                 dgclarkk@hotmail.com

Mr. Jeffrey Cohen                           212-724-8026                 chats72@aol.com

Ms. Barbara Anne Cook                 212-533-3181                 bwarrenites@aol.com

Mr. David Cook                                212-533-3181                 warrenites@aol.com

Name of Counselor             Telephone             Email address

Mr. Anthony Corrao                        212-262-7932                 Anthony.Corrao@opco.com

Mr. Aaron Cooper                            917-513-3526                 aaroncoopernyc@gmail.com

Mr. Kyler Culver                               216-272-6290                 kyleraculver@gmail.com

Ms. Rosa Delgado                           212-234-2233                 rad163@columbia.edu

Mr. Constantino Diakolios             201-363-9354                 dinomd@earthlink.net

  Mr. Sal Dono                                                                             csdd@aol.com

Ms. Ann Dozier                                212-690-0054                  

Mr. Brian Edwards                           917-373-6350                 bedwardsny@gmail.com

Mr. Michael Feigenbaum               212-535-8462                 MFEIGENBAUM@nyc.rr.com

Ms. Ana Lanza Figueroa               212-360-1176                  

Mr. Paul Freitas                               212 280 8008                 Freedeez@gmail.com

  Mr. Edward Frerks                                                                    efrerks@gmail.com

Mr. Gerald Gliber                           212-532-4119                  

Mr. Alex Gleason                             508-326-1593                 glea9181@gmail.com

Mr. Patrick Hall                                 917-559-7194                 patricklhall@gmail.com

Mr. Christopher Hansen-Nelson   212-923-7800 x1121    chris.hansennelson@tdsecurities.com

Mr. Raymond He                             718-972-1513                 raymond2990@gmail.com

Mr. Julio Hernandez, Jr.                 917-703-1170                 wholee@juno.com

  Mr. Rene Hernandez Jr.                212-740-4293                 solidsnaked184@msn.com

  Mr. Greg Hofer                                 718-631-3648                 gghofer@hotmail.com

Mr. Adam Hopson                           347-782-3629                 adamhopson@gmail.com

Mr. W. Brett Ingersoll                       212-909-1445                 wb-ingersoll@yahoo.com

Mr. Jasper Kan                                 212-529-5048                 japper88@gmail.com

Mr. Sean Kielty                                908-809-9818                 seankieltyesq@gmail.com

Mr. Keith Kellow                              212-362-4406                 keithbiz@earthlink.net

Mr. Geoffrey Kerr                             212-751-9241                 geofkerr@aol.com

Ms. Alexis Kilb                                 917-882-7061                 alexisallbiz@gmail.com

Ms. Aleena Knight                          347-829-8522                 aleenaknight1@gmail.com

Mr. William Knight                           347-829-8522                 whknight3@gmail.com

  Mr. George Koutsopetras                                                        gkouts@aol.com

Mr. Benjamin Kramer                      917-499-3591                 benjamin.kramer@parks.nyc.gov

Ms. Jeri Land                                    212-865-0825                 jeriland@yahoo.com

  Name of Counselor            Telephone             Email address

Mr. Gordon Lau                                212-431-0910                 glau828@yahoo.com

Ms. Annemarie Lawson                 212-706-7585                 gala5000@rcn.com

Mr. Michael Lehmann                    212-678-6918                 mlehmann@manatt.com

  Mr. Benjamin Lei                                                                      benjaminlei96@gmail.com

Mr. Carl LeSueur                             917-409-0408                 cdlesueur@yahoo.com

Mr. Robert Levine                            914-636-5727                 ralevine@ralasolutions.com

Mr. Brendan Looi                             646-304-8034                 brendanlooi94@gmail.com

Mr. Anthony Lopez                          917-553-4914                 alopez@mxcomputers.com

Mr. George Lopez                            347-610-9998                 geolopez3151@gmail.com

Mr. Bryce MacDonald 

  Mr. Edward Maddelena                  917-605-8334

  Mr. Frank Maddalena                     917-605-8334                 maddalenaf@coned.com

  Ms. Virginia Maiorino                     212-988-5033                 ginny.maiorino@gmail.com

  Ms. Arlette Mcgee                            212-410-1418

  Mr. Michael Martelli                         212-354-9240

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Dr. Francis Tsao         


  Troop 5
  Harlem, NY